We are able to further reduce your cost if your products fit any of the characteristics

Require high amounts of manual labor

Expensive to produce in an automatic cell

Take up a lot of space during production

Varying annual volume; causing uncertainty in automation profit

Products that have season variations

Gradual termination of product manufacturing

Industrial Components

SLT Industrial Components Industrial Components Manufacturing Lithuania

SLT-IC provides an assembly service for industrial components. This could be manual assembly or
production in semi-automatic custom-made machines. We work with the customer to decide on the best process in which the product will be made. SLT-IC can be responsible for developing the production equipment, or conversely it can be provided by the customer. We work with several different materials such as plastics, rubber and metal. Working in accordance with LEAN principles help us to develop the company and better meet customer requirements on quality, delivery precision and price.

Together with our partner Anva Polytech we are producing rubber components in injection molding machines.

Our customers can be found in industries such as automotive, outdoor power equipment and furniture. 

SLT-IC Industrial Components Manufacturing Product Lithuania
SLT-IC Industrial Components Manufacturing Product Contract Manufacturing Lithuania
SLT-IC Industrial Components Contract Manufacturing Product Lithuania
SLT-IC Industrial Components Product Contract Manufacturing Lithuania

Medical Components 

SLT-IC has been delivering to our customers in the medical industry for more than 20 years. SLT-IC can offer production services that include assembly and quality inspection in a clean room environment. Production can be made in a validated clean room or in a hygiene room according to customer needs.

SLT-IC is capable of developing custom-made production equipment for use during the assembly process.

To ensure that projects are implemented in an efficient way, FMEA, control plan and process flow is utilized. Thorough discussions with the customers are conducted to ensure smooth implementation of new products. 

SLT Industrial Components Medical Components Manufacturing Lithuania

Medical devices are assembled in a cleanroom environment.

SLT-IC conducts both manual and semi-automatic assembling.

SLT-IC can with partners develop the assembling required equipment.

SLT Industrial Components Industrial Components Contract Manufacturing Lithuania
Over 25 Years of Experience in  Contract Manufacturing