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SLT Industrial Components (SLT-IC) is a subcontractor which strives to resolve your problems. We have a long history of manufacturing in Lithuania.


SLT-IC was Founded

Åke Stenquist founded the company and started doing business in Lithuania. During the initial years the company sold equipment to various industries, as there was a huge demand for reliable equipment and machines. 


Company Expansion

The company started to assemble plastic parts for Swedish companies. The quality and precision of delivery combined with an affordable cost resulted in the rapid expansion of the company. The company soon acquired its first real estate in Lithuania.

In the late 1990s, production within the telecommunications industry, especially for mobile phones, exploded. The volumes produced were huge, and the product life-time was very short. Flexible production facilities were well- equipped to satisfy this demand. At this time the company had grown to around 300 employees and two-thirds of them were working with telecommunication products.

The manufacturing of medical components also started around this time. This required the company organisation to learn new things and focus on what is important for our customers in the medical industry. 


Growth in Other Industries

The telecommunications market collapsed. Almost all mobile phone product production was moved from Europe to Asia. SLT-IC lost a big part of our turnover. However, in the coming years the company grew in other industries such as automotive, medical and outdoor power equipment. Because of this growth the company needed to expand the production facility and purchased neighbouring buildings.



ISO9001 was implemented.



ISO14001 was implemented. The company grew further and the production site increased to about 10,000 square meters.



The medical standard ISO13485 was implemented. The journey to improve on our medical expertise and production capabilities continued.


Joint Venture with Anva Polytech

The company set up a joint venture with Anva Polytech to start producing rubber components in an injection molding process. The growth in rubber production has been strong ever since.


Medical Business Expansion

The company validated the clean room to class 9 and further expanded the medical business.


SLT-IC Today

Today, the company is continuously working towards the industrial and medical sectors. There are now around 200 staff in a production facility of 10 000 square meters. The customers are companies in the automotive, outdoor power equipment and medical sectors with high demands. Since we deliver quality products in the expected time frame, with an affordable cost, our customers continue to support us with new projects.

Product Quality as Top Priority

Our vast experience and the capability of our Lithuanian production facility allow our industrial and medical production to meet quality requirements set by client.

Delivery on Time

Our prime location makes it possible to make deliveries to Sweden and central Europe within two days. Delivering products on time is of high importance to us, which is made evident by our 99% delivery precision.

Flexible Production

We are delivering to different industries and are highly responsive to customer demands. Each customer and product is different and we will find out what is important to your company so we can fulfil your needs.

Reduced Production Cost

We strive to provide attractive and competitive prices to our clients. We work according to LEAN principles in our never-ending bid for self-improvement. By choosing us our customer can reduce their cost by approximately 30%.

Our customers can be found in the following industries



Outdoor Power Products



Our Certifications

ISO9001 | ISO14001 | ISO13485
SLT Industrial Components ISO 9001
SLT Industrial Components ISO 14001
SLT Industrial Components ISO 13485

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